Edibles Explained.

Edibles Explained.

The cannabis industry is full of jargon that can make your head spin. It is important to think about the benefits of each product and proper dosage. Understanding what you need can be a difficult trial and error process; there are almost endless methods to medicate but hopefully this breakdown of the different types of edibles and their most common effects will help you on your health journey.


Distillate is a form of pure THC that provides a stronger head high without the added effects contributed by Cannabinoids and Terpenes. It’s important to note that the cannabinoid receptors of some individuals do not process distillate well, and my not be affected by this form of THC as drastically as other types of edibles.

Who uses Distillate?

Smokiez is the poster child for yummy gummies but if you’re craving a savory snack Zion Kitchen makes hot chips that will be a fast favorite.

Smokiez Edibles

Full Spectrum Distillate

Full Spectrum Distillate is similar to the distillate above except it has the added benefits of additional cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBC) and naturally occurring terpenes.

Who uses Full Spectrum Distillate?

Cannamerica sweet and sour gummies and Dankland Edibles both use Full Spectrum Distillate in their recipes.


Solventless extractions are made without the use of hard processing agents like PHO (Propane Hydrocarbon) or BHO (Butane Hydrocarbon). Using this extraction method allows the creation of water-soluble concentrates that can also be strain specific. Edibles containing solventless extracts tend to work better in most patients.

Who uses Solventless?

Easy Street Gummies utilize solventless extracts in their products; plus they’re vegan AND gluten-free!


Sublingual edibles are fast-acting, once dissolved in your mouth the THC is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. These are very good for those interested in micro-dosing.

Who uses Sublingual?

Vive Cannabis Sublingual mints are tailored to discreetly give you a THC boost whenever and wherever you need it.


Drinks and other edibles made with water-soluble cannabis are great for a quick, short high that doesn’t last a full 4-8 hours. This extraction method also tends to work well for most patients.

Who uses Water-Soluble?

Tree Sap, a sweet syrup, is great for those with a higher tolerance, it’s also the perfect afternoon pick me up.

Canna Butter/Oil

THC Oil and Canna butter are excellent for cooking and baking; using cooking fats to infuse foods allows your internal body fats to absorb the THC which is then processed by the liver. The benefit of consuming products using infused fats, like butter or coconut oil, is that they have a longer-lasting effects. You can make your own THC oil/butter with the Levo II.

Who uses Canna Butter/Oil?

If you aren’t motivated to do your own experimentations we recommend Mr. Mack’s Fresh Baked Edibles! There is an array of options available, and the best part is they’re baked fresh daily!

Be sure to keep these effects in mind when picking out your next edible, but also know that our staff is very knowledgeable and trained to help answer any lingering question you may still have!

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